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Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud means separating the application from hardware and Operating system and this can be sharing and migrating to the other side.


Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and program over the internet instead of your computer hard drive.

There are 3 Cloud Computing:


There are three Pillars of Cloud:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

Data Storage in Cloud Platform:

Using Cloud Storage we can create our own drive in cloud or in internet and we can share it for rent.

For Instance:Google Drive, Drop Box, Play store, Windows Store, One Drive etc.

In cloud storage we can combine the storage from multiple servers have a single volume using trusted pool and we can share it to the client.

For Instance: We have 4 Storage Servers suppose in each server we have 20TB of free space, Our Client need an 80TB of data. So, by combining the free space from the 4 Storage servers and we can make an 80TB volume and we can share this data And also it can be taken backup using Geo-replica Where Geo-replica works in Asynchronous mode. And here the beauty is, we can also set the Quota for uploading a file.

And also it can be taken using Ge0-replica

Where Ge0-replica works in Asynchronous mode.

For instance:We are sharing the 1TB of storage to the client in that we can set a quota as that client should be able to upload 100MB file at a time. You might have hear about the Box in this storage we can’t upload more than 250Mb Size of file.

Cloud services and Cloud platform:

  • IAAS– Infrastructure as a service
  • I2AAS– Identity as a service
  • PAAS– Platform as a service
  • SAAS– Software as a service
  • S2AAS– Storage as a service
  • S3AAS– Security as a service
  • NAAS– Network as a service
  • XAAS– Everything as a service
  • MBAS– Mobile Backend as a service

We can Share our Infrastructure like RAM, Storage, Internet connection, software, platform and many more as a service to the client.

For Instance:Suppose Client is requesting a 4G Connection from Raichur and he is accessing a 2G connection. First he needs to access our portal, from that he can use our 4G connection by sitting in Raichur.

Why Cloud computing:


Virtualization and Hypervisor

With virtualization several operating systems can run parallel on single central processing system

Virtualization as a two types

  1. Para-virtualization or Software based virtualization
  2. Hardware based virtualization

Software based virualization: Hardware involvement is not simulated. The guest program are executed in the isolated domain

Hardware based virtualization: The complete simulation of actual hardware to allow software which typically consist of guest operating system to run unmodified.


Hypervisor is the software or firmware that create virtual machine on host or physical machine is called hypervisor or virtual manager.

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